Terms & Conditions

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Please ensure you have read and understand the Terms of Service before making an appointment. The Terms of Service are subject to change without notice.


Bubbly Paws Grooming collects personal information about yourself and your pet to provide you with a quality grooming service. We may occasionally send you email announcements, newsletters and/or general correspondence. We will not pass on your information to any third party. Your information will be kept private in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988.

Please inform us at your grooming appointment if you do not wish to have your pet’s image in any form (including but not limited to photographs, video, and/or audio) used for educational and/or marketing purposes by All Dogged Out Pet Grooming.


Please provide at least 48 hours notice if you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment. If less than 48 hours notice is given a fee of $45 will be charged.


Please arrive on time to your appointment. As we provide a one on one service, if you are more than 15 minutes late we will not be able to carry out your booked service. We may be able to offer you an alternative service that requires less time or you may have to reschedule. If you are more than 15 minutes late you will still be charged the price of the booked service while receiving a lesser service or a reschedule fee of $45 will be charged.

Park on the driveway if available. Please do not block the roadway or neighbour’s driveway.

For safety reasons please keep your dog on lead while going to and from your car to the grooming salon.

Please toilet your dog before entering the salon.


If fleas are found on your pet while it is being groomed, or if you notify us that your pet has fleas, a flea wash will be given to your pet at an additional cost.


Due to updated research and vet advice ear plucking will not be performed unless under strict vet instruction. Any anal gland expression will need to be performed by a veterinarian.


At Bubbly Paws Grooming your pets well being is of the utmost importance. Grooming can exacerbate pre-existing conditions and take it’s toll on elderly and infirm pets. Please inform me when booking your appointment if your dog has had any recent visits to the vet, any pre-existing conditions (e.g- arthritis, hip dyspepsia, seizures etc…) or special requirements so I may adjust your service accordingly. 

If your pet is showing any signs of communicable disease, fungus or skin condition please inform me immediately. For the safety of my staff and other clients please maintain your vaccination, worming and flea treatments.


For the safety of staff and your dog please inform us when booking your appointment if your dog is fearful, stressed or bites during grooming. Most dogs will tolerate grooming, but if your dog shows signs of severe distress (such as shaking, inappropriate toileting, standing rigid and severe vocalising) you may have your grooming appointment cancelled or you may be referred to a specialist trainer or behaviourist.


I value your feedback to help me improve my service to you and welcome constrictive feedback or ideas on how I can improve my service to you.