our Dog Grooming services

The salon is a one on one service by appointment only, which means each canine client receives an individualised dog grooming service without the hustle and bustle of a large busy salon. We create a low stress environment whilst making sure your adorable canine companions enjoy coming to Bubby Paws to be pampered and feel special. 

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Dog wash Hydro-bathing is the best way to care & pamper your dogs as it works wonderfully with the grooming method.

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Dog clipping

Dog clipping maintains a healthy coat and skin whilst keeping your pooch shiny, healthy and properly brushed coats will shed less.

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De shedding

 Designed to help remove excess hair from your dog’s coat, resulting in less hair around your yard and home.

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nail clipping

Regular nail trims not only help keep the nails short but helps reinforce healthy foot structure and posture, and reduces the risk of infection.

Ear cleaning

Cleaning and caring for your dogs ears are important ways to reduce the chance for ear infections and excess wax build up.

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Pooch massage

A gentle massage can help soothe muscles and joints whilst inspiring relaxation.

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Only natural shampoo's & conditioners

Minimising your dogs exposure to harmful environmental factors is critical.
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Pick Up & Drop Off

We pick up your dog & drop them off for surrounding local suburbs at a small fee 🙂

Dog grooming benefits

Healthy & Shiny coasts

Regardless of your dog’s breed or hair length, taking your dog to the groomer to get washed and brushed will help with the condition and quality of their coat. Just brushing alone helps to remove dead skin, dirt and anything else lurking. It also helps to spread the natural oils over their coat, making it appear shinier and healthier.

Better hygiene and smell!

Of course one of the most obvious benefits of getting your dog groomed are the hygiene benefits. Cleaning and brushing away all that dead skin and buildup can do wonders to your dog’s hygiene and smell.

Check and treat fleas

Fleas are unfortunately an inevitability that comes with owning a dog. A benefit of going to a dog groomer is we will be able to check for fleas and their eggs. Regular dog washing, brushing, and dog clipping of fur will help in ceasing the growth of fleas.

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NAtural Products for your dogs health

Our natural shampoo is a delightful shampoo that contains a blend of rich botanicals that will gently, yet thoroughly cleanse your dog’s coat. Using only natural products for our pets and to be more eco-friendly, with the ingredients being gathered from fully sustainable natural sources.